sorry, i’m awkward.

Hi.  Is that how I should start one of these?  With an intro like hi or hello or yo whats up? So random fact: that’s one way to know if I am incredibly bored.  I send out texts saying things such as “yoooo, whatcha doooing?”  Because apparently bordem turns me into a 14 year old girl.  Annoying.

Anyways.  Moving on.  Why am I here?  Booooooordem I guess. Ha, get it?  ugh.  Sorry.

No, but in all seriousness.  Blogs are cool and I’m despirately trying to be cool too.  I just turned 27 and realized that I have nothing going the way my 15 year old self pictured my life to one day be.  I live alone on the third story of a triplex (basically I live in an attic).  It’s small.  I love it (or at least I tell myself I do).  I am single.  My best friend lives 1,000 miles away (probably an exaggeration, but it’s far).  I have zero kids (wahooooo!).  I work in a windowless office.  My bank account does not support my shopping/eating habits all too well.  But I smile a lot!

Here goes nothing…