monster door.

Quick update.

My neighbors might hate me.

I’d hope not. We were friends before they moved into my house. And I can’t afford to lose any friends.  But now when they leave I do things like this:


I could have done it to my front door but I made a pretty fall wreath. And I couldn’t take that down! No way!

This was a super simple unoriginal thing to do but I’ll tell you how I made it:
Hair- cray paper taped to the wall
Eyes- paper circles and sharpie eye balls
Mouth and eyebrows- painters tape

Time to complete project: 4 minutes.

Now I wait for them to get home. This is the worst part!  I get impatient waiting for people.

Shoot.  I already posted it on Facebook. Oh well.  They “liked” it.

Anyone else feel the need to decorate the neighbor’s when they aren’t home?  I might have also decorated their front porch once and put balloons on their stairs for one’s birthday before too…..


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