vieng’s asian bistro.

I am becoming a classy girl.  It’s true. Don’t laugh.  In the last year, I have started drinking wine, eating sushi, and since yesterday I’m even using chopsticks without throwing food in every direction!  These are giant accomplishments in my book of life.

I do not eat seafood.  At all.  Not even a little.  I always give it a try.  I want to like it.  I can’t do it.  So sushi has always scared me.  I newly discovered (because I live under a rock) vegetarian sushi and am slowly working my way through several local menus.

Last night I ventured out to Vieng’s Asian Bistro at Crocker Park and ordered myself some sushi!  I had the avocado roll and the vegetarian crunch roll (with asparagus and cream cheese).


Anyways, these were great.  Kind of pricey ($6 and $10), but the avocado roll had the biggest pieces of avocado I’ve ever received in sushi. I had never before ordered a crunch roll and really enjoyed what that added to the overall flavor of the sushi.

I also ordered spicy chicken wings ($8), odd choice but don’t judge.  The order came with 6 large wings.  They were super sticky, slightly spicy, and mostly sweet. Delicious!

This restaurant is always very dark, which is perfect when you just come from getting your eyebrows waxed and your face is all red and shiny.  The service was good, nothing extraordinary but no issues on wait time or empty drinks.

I didn’t test out an extensive variety of the menu but I did enjoy what I ate.