pierogies of cleveland.

Pierogies and Cleveland.  They just go together.  There are so many awesome places to get the pasta pocket of deliciousness around this city.

I discovered Pierogies of Cleveland Pierogi Market this summer and finally made the drive out to get them.IMG_3167.JPG

Flavors I picked up?

Thanksgiving Dinner (yes. you read that correctly.)

Potato, Onion, Chive

Sauerkraut and Sausage

Chicken Paprikash

The Thanksgiving dinner one was unlike anything I have ever had before.  Stuffed with stuffing, turkey, potatoes, and corn plus paired with sides of gravy and cranberry sauce, seriously tasted just like thanksgiving dinner in your mouth.  Excellence!

Chicken paprikash was again, so unique and delicious.  I’m picky about my paprikash but the sauce inside of these was great!

Potato, onion and chive was a vegan choice.  The insides was pure potato and obviously not creamy like a usual.  I loved this.  I might have cooked these in butter and ate them with sour cream therefore making them non vegan but as for the pierogie itself.  Totally recommended for any person out there.

I have yet to try the sauerkraut and sausage but I can’t imagine anything awful coming from this place.

Aren’t from this area?  You can order online!  Totally recommended.  They come packed 6 to a package and range about $5-8.  Little pricey but a great treat for the pierogie lover from time to time!


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