frankie’s italian cuisine.


Confession:  I am addicted to getting a great deal.  Groupon, LivingSocial, and Amazon Local are my jam but usually only when they send me additional percentage off coupons.  Savings on top of savings?  Duh!

I scored a Groupon for Frankie’s Italian Cuisine in North Olmstead paying $12.75 for a $30 certificate! It was originally $15 and I bought it with a 25% off weekend coupon code.

We went Friday night to try it out.  No regrets here.

We first ordered the Frankie’s Famous House Salad.  Wish I would have remembered to take a picture of it.  This thing is crazy.  It comes on a tiny appetizer plate but piled insanely high.  It comes with their homemade sweet and sour dressing already mixed in with the lettuce, then has 3 inches of cheese topping it all.  It is plenty to eat as your entire meal or we split it between two people.

We also got an order of breadsticks and a side of meatballs (2).  The breadsticks were soft and garlicky and the meatballs were tasty.

Lastly we ordered a large pizza, we picked sausage and green peppers as toppings.  I thought their price of $2 per topping was a little steep but whatever.  The crust was soft and flavorful.  I’m guessing the sausage is homemade and was the best part of this pizza.  The green peppers were soft like they had been sautéed before being put on the pizza.  I really like how they contributed to the pizza taste.


For all that food our bill was $29.50.  Because of the $30 certificate we were only charged for the tax on this bill.  Can’t beat all this food for $15.11 (12.75 Groupon price + 2.36 tax) plus tip.


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