30 by 30.

6 months. There is a 6 month countdown until I turn 30. 30! August 26th is the big day.

Last week during a work event, a coworker suggested I do 30 things before I turn 30. I laughed it off. Then today in the shower it came back to me but this time I decided it was an awesome idea.

And so this list was born!

I just started a new job a month ago, so anything that is time consuming or requires traveling more than a few hours away is out. But, Cleveland is a great city and I still came up with plenty of options!

Here it goes, here’s what you’ll be reading about for the next 6 months:

1. Hot air balloon ride

2. Move to a new place closer to work

3. Get a passport

4. Ohio winery tour 

5. Take my dad on a weekend trip to Chicago

6. Run 6 5k races, one a month

7. Ride in a helicopter

8. Try glassblowing

9. Major hair cut, above the shoulders

10. Segway tour

11. Race in my kayak

12. Rent a cabin for the weekend with friends

13. Check out the observation deck at Terminal Tower 

14. Try stand up paddleboarding 

15. Volunteer, somewhere, anywhere

16. Beach picnic and games with friends

17. Hike Old Man’s Cave

18. Go to a state fair

19. Take a trip on the Cuyahoga Valley Railroad

20. Attempt a Zumba class

21. Visit Newport Aquarium near Cincinnati

22. Build or refinish a piece of furniture

23. Spend a “special” day with my niece and nephew separately

24. Have a night on the Goodtime III

25. Learn to ice skate

26. Skydive

27. Finish 6 books

28. Do a handstand

29. White water rafting

30. Throw myself my very first birthday party
Nothing crazy unobtainable, but need to keep up on planning and documenting! 

Here’s to the next 6 months!!


2015 must-eats.

I like eating.  Maybe you noticed. Restaurants are really fun.  People cooking for me is awesome.

But writing 2015 is weird.

Anyways… This is a list of Cleveland-area restaurants I want to dine at in 2015:

1. Happy Dog: DIY gourmet hot dogs?  Sign me up.

2. Pier W:  Just the view alone is a reason to check it out.

3. Crust: I’ve heard legends about the size of their pizza slices.

4. Treamont Tap House: I’ve read great things about the food and large beer selections.

5. Lucky’s Café: They are known for their breakfasts, even Guy Fieri visited.

6. Merwin’s Wharf: The metroparks opened a restaurant overlooking the Cuyahoga River.

7. Dina’s Pizza & Pub: I haven’t been to this place in probably 20 years and that is not ok.

8. Sokoloswski’s University Inn: Authentic Polish food in a restaurant that’s been around since 1923!

9. Barroco: Because I need an arepas in my life.

10. Geraci’s Restaurant: Making pizzas since 1956, again Guy Fieri even visited.

Of course all of this will be done while sticking to my debt plan of yesterday.  I have 12 months to dine at 10 restaurants of all different price points.

Here’s to hoping I make it through it all.  Any other local suggestions?

Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve!

monster door.

Quick update.

My neighbors might hate me.

I’d hope not. We were friends before they moved into my house. And I can’t afford to lose any friends.  But now when they leave I do things like this:


I could have done it to my front door but I made a pretty fall wreath. And I couldn’t take that down! No way!

This was a super simple unoriginal thing to do but I’ll tell you how I made it:
Hair- cray paper taped to the wall
Eyes- paper circles and sharpie eye balls
Mouth and eyebrows- painters tape

Time to complete project: 4 minutes.

Now I wait for them to get home. This is the worst part!  I get impatient waiting for people.

Shoot.  I already posted it on Facebook. Oh well.  They “liked” it.

Anyone else feel the need to decorate the neighbor’s when they aren’t home?  I might have also decorated their front porch once and put balloons on their stairs for one’s birthday before too…..