30 by 30.

6 months. There is a 6 month countdown until I turn 30. 30! August 26th is the big day.

Last week during a work event, a coworker suggested I do 30 things before I turn 30. I laughed it off. Then today in the shower it came back to me but this time I decided it was an awesome idea.

And so this list was born!

I just started a new job a month ago, so anything that is time consuming or requires traveling more than a few hours away is out. But, Cleveland is a great city and I still came up with plenty of options!

Here it goes, here’s what you’ll be reading about for the next 6 months:

1. Hot air balloon ride

2. Move to a new place closer to work

3. Get a passport

4. Ohio winery tour 

5. Take my dad on a weekend trip to Chicago

6. Run 6 5k races, one a month

7. Ride in a helicopter

8. Try glassblowing

9. Major hair cut, above the shoulders

10. Segway tour

11. Race in my kayak

12. Rent a cabin for the weekend with friends

13. Check out the observation deck at Terminal Tower 

14. Try stand up paddleboarding 

15. Volunteer, somewhere, anywhere

16. Beach picnic and games with friends

17. Hike Old Man’s Cave

18. Go to a state fair

19. Take a trip on the Cuyahoga Valley Railroad

20. Attempt a Zumba class

21. Visit Newport Aquarium near Cincinnati

22. Build or refinish a piece of furniture

23. Spend a “special” day with my niece and nephew separately

24. Have a night on the Goodtime III

25. Learn to ice skate

26. Skydive

27. Finish 6 books

28. Do a handstand

29. White water rafting

30. Throw myself my very first birthday party
Nothing crazy unobtainable, but need to keep up on planning and documenting! 

Here’s to the next 6 months!!


run, bro, run.

I ran with some friends at Edgewater Park in an event called the Brocathalon this past weekend.  I didn’t run the whole thing.  Nosoriee.  Can’t do that.  I am a terrible runner.  My mind gets the best of me, it quits way before my body.  But I am an excellent walker. Walking since 1987, baby!!

We all look 20 pounds heavier than we are. It was 46 degrees outside. 46 degrees!!


Anyways, had a blast!

They had stations set up throughout the run that added a little fun every so often.  Like eating a wing.  That was my favorite station.  I wish there were more of that one.


We also got to ride on one of those multi-person bike/bar things.  Have you ever done this?  Until Saturday I thought that sounded like one of the coolest things to get a group of people together to do.  Now that I jumped on one and pedaled my heart out to barely move.  I will no longer think of these as a great idea.  Seriously, it would have been easier to just run.


The Cleveland Browns Training Camp sponsored one station.  My lack of coordination almost had me eating grass.  Luckily I somehow managed to bounce back from that!


This event was a total blast with my friends.  It’s easy to sit back and judge and we came up with ideas on how each event could have been done better.  But for the $15 entry fee that I paid… it was excellent.

As I said a few weeks ago, I joined in a game of dietbet.  I just have about 2 more pounds to lose this week.  I can do that.  I will do that.  Then I will get my money back, holla!  And take some of others who weren’t so lucky!  Can’t wait.

phillip squared.

Why do parents name their kids with their last names as first names too?  Do they lack creativity?  That’s kinda how I see it.  Or maybe they are super rude people?

I went to the Phillip Phillips concert Friday night at the State Theater!  And I googled his name to find that he is actually a jr.  Meaning TWO sets of parents did this to their child. I don’t get it.  Can anybody shed some light on that?


Great show.  Weird smells.  Not kidding.  This conversation occurred:

Me: “It smells like armpit in here.”
Cousin: “I smelled fart a little bit ago.”
Me: “Huh, I smelled burp.”

Followed by lots of awkward laughter.

I bought a Long Island iced tea there.  I have never had a pre-mixed drink that I’ve enjoyed and this was no different.  It was awful!!  I drank half and just couldn’t do any more!


Oh.  And my chair was broke.  The guy I was sitting next to and I couldn’t move around too much or the other person’s chair would shake.  We became friends.  Awkwardly.  Kinda like sharing a teeter-totter with a stranger.

I want to be clear that none of these are complaints.  I absolutely LOVE when things go awry.  Weird smells, awful drinks, and broken chairs make my night memorable more than just an awesome performance.  I love having stories to go with the “been there, done that” of seeing a concert.  Does this make me weird?