This corned beef sandwich is bigger than your face.  No joke.

IMG_3272I took a half day from work the other day for no better reason than I wanted this corned beef sandwich.  I left work, picked up my cousin and headed downtown to Slyman’s.  Located on the corner of St. Clair and E 31st, with plenty of street parking and a large free lot to park in, it’s a super easy find.

We both ordered a reuben and shared a plate of gravy fries.  The sandwich is amazing.  The corned beef is juicy, tender and full of flavor.  The fact that it was a reuben goes almost unnoticed since the ratio of cheese and sauerkraut to meat is way off, but I am ok with this.  I mostly order the reuben instead of the plain corned beef sandwich because I like the grilled bread.  I guess that I could ask for it that way, but I don’t like asking for special orders at busy places.

You get to add your own thousand island dressing to your sandwich from a squirt bottle that every table comes equipped with.  I love this part.  I like a lot of sauce on everything and hate sounding like a heffer when I ask for extra x 4.

I can’t even come close to eating the whole thing so I pull off about 60% of the meat and save it for home.  Corned beef hash for breakfast??!  OKAY, if I must!  So dramatic.

The gravy fries were out of this world.  Could I pack anymore salt into one meal?  Probably not!  Don’t judge.  You should do the same.  The gravy was beefy and perfect.  I don’t eat gravy fries often, but these were probably the best I’ve had in a long time.

With only breakfast and lunch hours, I foresee myself taking another half day in the future!  You should too.


melt bar and grilled.

Melt Bar and Grilled is phenomenal.  No doubt about that.  Gourmet giant grilled cheese sandwiches bigger than your head with crazy concoctions?!  Yes, please! Quirky decorations and an awesome laid back staff?! My favorite!

I ventured out to their Independence location the other night because their monthly special “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Melt” sounded great.

First, we started with their fried mozzarella wedges.  These things are awesome.  Extra crispy outside, gooey, cheesy middle.  Everything a fried mozzarella triangle should be.  You get a choice of two dips, marinara or tomato chipotle jam.  It’s hard to pick which is my favorite.  The chipotle jam is similar to a sweet salsa with a kick.  I’m not usually into sweet salsas but I love this stuff.

Tip:  Sit at the bar between 3-7pm (Mon-Thurs) and you get 25% off your appetizers plus $1 off any beer.  I love saving money, and if it means I have to sit with horrible posture on a bar stool to do it, well… I will!

So since we ate an appetizer and their sandwiches are HUGE with a GIANT side of fries, we decided to split the sandwich.  Another tip:  If you tell your server you are splitting the sandwich, they will split the sandwich and fries on to 2 plates for you!

So, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Melt has pesto sauce, basil marinara, herb cream cheese, provolone and romano cheese, and deep fried pizza rolls all inside!


This hard to hold onto, it’s definitely a sandwich where you pick it up and don’t set it down at all, you just cram every last bite inside your mouth until your hands are a goopy mess, then you clean up your hands and face because in the end… you are a lady! Run on sentences are cool.

The herb cream cheese was falling out every side of the sandwich with every bite. It was definitely the dominant taste of the sandwich. Which, was a little saddening. I assumed with the title this would have more of a pizza taste. It also only had 5 pizza rolls across the entire thing (2 on my half), and that was the ingredient I was most excited about! This sandwich was delicious, just not the taste I was expecting going into it all.

Our server had asked if I wanted to add meatballs to the sandwich and in the end, I wish I would have! Tip: always do what the server suggests!

If you’ve never been to Melt… Your body is missing out on so much! I’m actually planning a return visit in 2 weeks for the 6 degrees of Kevin bacon melt!! Best sandwich of the year!


pj mcintyre’s irish pub.

Corned beef.  Boxty.  Beer.  Seriously, what’s not to love about an Irish pub?

I had a LivingSocial deal for Pj McIntyre’s located in West Park/Kamm’s Corner area.  Walked out stuffed and with enough food for 6 more meals.  Not kidding.  $30 through LivingSocial (but I paid $13) sure went a long way.

We ordered the reuben dip appetizer.  OMG.  This is the best thing ever.  It came with boxty chips.  I knew what boxty was, wasn’t sure what boxty chips were.  Ummm.  Eat these.  It’s like they made boxty then instead of cooking them on a griddle they were fried.  They are spongy yet crispy and phenomenal.  The dip itself was so-so, good but more cheesy than anything else and the flavor of the sauerkraut was lost.

2015/01/img_3206.jpgThe item on the menu we wanted the most was the stuffed boxty.  It was a GIANT boxty stuffed with corned beef, sauerkraut, and swiss cheese.  Probably 3 inches thick.  It was intimidating.  After being blown away by the boxty chips, I wasn’t all that impressed with the actual boxty.  It also came paired with a dip that was horseradish based, I would have better liked a thousand island sauce.  Not saying it wasn’t good, just didn’t compare to the chips.  Their corned beef is tender and flavorful.

Our waitress was fun and charming.  We enjoyed our overall experience at this place.  Will definitely look for another livingsocial deal.  Can’t beat 8 meals for $17 + tip!