phillip squared.

Why do parents name their kids with their last names as first names too?  Do they lack creativity?  That’s kinda how I see it.  Or maybe they are super rude people?

I went to the Phillip Phillips concert Friday night at the State Theater!  And I googled his name to find that he is actually a jr.  Meaning TWO sets of parents did this to their child. I don’t get it.  Can anybody shed some light on that?


Great show.  Weird smells.  Not kidding.  This conversation occurred:

Me: “It smells like armpit in here.”
Cousin: “I smelled fart a little bit ago.”
Me: “Huh, I smelled burp.”

Followed by lots of awkward laughter.

I bought a Long Island iced tea there.  I have never had a pre-mixed drink that I’ve enjoyed and this was no different.  It was awful!!  I drank half and just couldn’t do any more!


Oh.  And my chair was broke.  The guy I was sitting next to and I couldn’t move around too much or the other person’s chair would shake.  We became friends.  Awkwardly.  Kinda like sharing a teeter-totter with a stranger.

I want to be clear that none of these are complaints.  I absolutely LOVE when things go awry.  Weird smells, awful drinks, and broken chairs make my night memorable more than just an awesome performance.  I love having stories to go with the “been there, done that” of seeing a concert.  Does this make me weird?




party like it’s st. patrick’s day.

St. Practice Day?  Maybe?

Last night I went out to the Cleveland House of Blues for their Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day Party.  I was one of maybe 100 in attendance.  I’ve never seen the HOB so empty.

I’m guessing it’s because they were charging $6.75 for a Miller Lite.  Insanity!  I seriously debated just handing that beer back to the bartender.  I don’t even like Miller Lite but they only had that or Guinness to choose from.

And I recently had a Guinness float and now I can’t drink my Guinness without ice cream!  Don’t make a face.  Try it.  Game changer.

I had one beer there.  I thanked myself this morning.  I did not feel like garbage, I was not dying of thirst, AND I made it to work on time (for the first time in 2 weeks).

Have you ever watched an Irish band perform?  I have.  Many times.  I actually enjoy it.  The band is always dancing around and they just have so much joy on their faces.  I love high positive energy people.

Have you ever watched an Irish band perform and understood the lyrics?  I can’t say I have.  I assume most songs are about drinking, but I could be completely wrong.  I am a fast talker but I just can’t do it.  I can’t understand.

Mary’s Lane

Oh well, I will always go watch either way.  Great performers!

Anyways.  This party seemed like it could have been such a cool event, but I wasn’t that stoked in the end.  I’ve been to the HOB on St. Patrick’s Day and it was rocking with people and cheaper beer.  In the end I had a great day downtown, eating, gambling, and walking 9872349837 miles.